Get Started Set

Get Started Set - Joylux
Get Started Set - Joylux

Get Started Set

Get started with vFit Gold and everything you need to support your journey towards improved intimate wellness. This kit includes 1 vFit Gold device; 1 pack of Photonic Wipes, formulated to clean your Joylux device from harmful bacteria; and 1 cleansHER Intimate Wash, formulated with aloe and arginine to keep delicate skin clean, fresh and hydrated.

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How It Works

The revolutionary women’s intimate health device, vFit, promotes hydration, improves sensation and increases confidence – all from the privacy of home at a fraction of the cost of in-office options.

Our Patented Technology
Animated illustration of red light
Red Light (LEDs) Energy
Animated illustration of heat waves
Thermal Energy
Animated illustration of sonic waves
Sonic Technology
Animated Illustrated Icon of a squeeze tube to represent the JoyLux Phototonic Gel for use with the vFit intimate health device
Photonic Gel

Ob-Gyn-designed and endorsed by hundreds of professionals, our patented devices use red-light to improve intimate wellness by promoting improved hydration, sensation, and most importantly, confidence—all from the privacy of your home at an affordable price.

Illustration of Fingers Snapping to indicate ease of vFit use
Illustrated icon of a stopwatch
Illustration of thumbs up to indicate effectiveness of Joylux products
Illustrated women's silhouette to indicate natural solution to menopause symptoms

*Individual results may vary. 2015 independent consumer study results on file. vFit is designated a low risk general health and wellness product by the FDA.

“To have a product that can be used at-home to improve women’s wellness is a monumental step forward and one that I welcome. I am thrilled that vFit has come along to provide an improved quality of life for my patients.”
Dr. Michael Gold, Dermatologist

“My patients are asking for options when it comes to intimate health. I share a common goal with Joylux, which is to help women lead better lives thanks to improved health. For my patients, a home-use option that is easy, effective and all natural, is the perfect fit!”
Dr. Kristy Prouse, Ob-Gyn

"The treatment option of a home-use device that improves sensation and ultimately confidence is a welcome addition.”
Dr. Ava Shamban, Dermatologist

“Intimate wellness can affect many facets of my patient’s personal lives and I look forward to offering them a wellness solution to help with these issues. vFit is the long-awaited wellness solution my patients have been asking for.”
Dr. David Goldberg, Dermatologist

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