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“Over 90% of my patients experience relief—essential for a woman’s quality of life.” – Dr. Sarah de la Tore, Ob-Gyn
Improve Your Quality Of Life In Minutes.

Don’t let the decline in estrogen impact your vaginal health. Discover natural, hormone-free relief with the first Ob-Gyn designed intimate health device that uses the power of red-light.

  • Strengthen & tone for more control
  • Enhance natural lubrication
  • Elevate partner intimacy
  • Discreet, easy & comfortable

Boost your vFit experience with the free Joylux app, delivering daily health tips and essential tools for navigating menopause effortlessly.

Trusted by over 1,000 medical professionals, let vFit help you regain confidence and freedom.

Starting as low as $169, prioritize your intimate health and pay over time using our membHERship plan.


*Individual results may vary. 2015 independent consumer study results on file. vFit is designated a low risk general health and wellness product by the FDA.

The Power of Red Light.
Light is a vital source of energy. Just like plants, our body absorbs light and converts it to energy. Specifically, red light stimulates and warms the tissue leading to increased circulation and tissue health. Don’t trust us. Trust the results.
* Summary of six studies. Study results on file. Individual results may vary.
From a Personal Struggle to a Global Company.

Meet Colette, founder of Joylux. She embarked on this journey after experiencing the challenges of transitioning from motherhood to menopause in just a few years.

As an entrepreneur focused on anti-aging beauty devices, she had an illuminating idea – why not apply the rejuvenating benefits of red-light used on the face to intimate tissues? Colette joined forces with renowned Ob-Gyn, Dr. Sarah, and voila - vFit was born.

Now women around the world trust their intimate health to Joylux.

Real Women. Real Stories.
“vFit has exceeded my wildest expectation—I swear my vagina feels at least 20 years younger after less than two months of use!”
Our SHE Shed
Menopause digital tools and relief items we wished we had but that didn’t exist—until now.