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Our sister brand Mommy Matters was founded by Ob-Gyn and mama of 2, Dr. Tara Shirazian, with the goal to ease the journey to motherhood for every woman through medically informed, functional, stylish and innovative postpartum products that meet your needs.  We know that as a new mama you are pressured to focus all of yourself on your baby, putting your own needs second. That’s why we have created products to empower you by providing the comfort and support you need. Our only goal is to get you back to feeling like yourself again after delivery, because Mommy Matters.
NeoHeat Perineal Heater - Joylux

NeoHeat Perineal Heater


Welcome to the future, mama! This high-tech device activates internal and external healing of the trauma done to the perineal/vaginal tissues and nerves during a vaginal birth using high-powered red & infrared LED light therapy. Clinically validated to accelerate wound healing, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and provide rapid pain relief, you’ll not only heal 6X quicker and better, you will also reduce the long-term risks of infections, incontinence (accidental bladder leakage), and painful sex! As if that’s not enough, our free app is packed with insightful information for postpartum care to help you navigate the 4th trimester!
NeoBrief for NeoHeat support - Joylux

NeoBrief for NeoHeat support


Meet our Smarty Pants: briefs that do double duty—just like you. This stylish, reusable, panty-style garment optimizes your treatment by keeping your NeoHeat in place during treatment while the built-in pad absorbs those inevitable leaking fluids, keeping your treatment easy and mess-free. Velcro closures on each side allow for easy on & off and sizing up & down as needed.
2-in-1 HEAL Postpartum Panty - Joylux

2-in-1 HEAL Postpartum Panty


Our patented postpartum panties are made of super soft, lightweight mesh and have just the right level of support while also being breathable, absorbent and C-section-friendly, plus there's a special pocket to hold a soothing gel insert that can be frozen to relieve pain when you need it most.
EMBRACE Postpartum Belly Wrap - Joylux

EMBRACE Postpartum Belly Wrap


Our super soft wrap helps you hold it all together (at least in your mid-section). It provides comfort & support for your core, with light compression to aid healing (especially important if you’re experiencing diastasis recti) and is comfortable enough to wear all day. The mesh panel makes this wrap breathable and allows for incision healing in the instance of a C-section. Velcro closures on each side make taking on & off easy while allowing for sizing adjustments as your belly shrinks back down.
Soothe Perineal Spray - Joylux

Soothe Perineal Spray


After you give birth, things are just a little, shall we say, ouchy, down there, and you need some relief, like, NOW. Our relief-in-a-bottle is an all-natural blend that provides cooling relief from stitches and swelling. Size: 2 oz / 60 mL
Nourish Body Butter - Joylux

Nourish Body Butter


Nourish, hydrate & soothe your growing (and shrinking!) bump with our all-natural belly cream.  This thick, rich cream absorbs quickly into the skin providing moisture & relief from over-stretched, itchy skin. Size: 3.4 oz / 100 mL