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6 fascinating facts about your vagina | Joylux

6 fascinating facts about your vagina

For most of human history, vaginas have been a hush-hush topic. Researchers didn’t have a medical term for vaginas until the late 1600s. Researchers didn’t include women in clinical trials until 1994.  Yet, even as vaginas mystified medicine, we’ve compiled some pretty interesting facts about them throughout the years.  When...

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6 Crucial Skills We Gain from Motherhood | Joylux

6 Crucial Skills We Gain from Motherhood

Talk to any mom, and she’ll tell you the years fly by. From the first moment you look your baby in the eyes to the time they walk across the graduation stage — each year is filled with learning that shapes our lives. Here are six skills we have mastered...

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vFit Gold featured in Glamour | Joylux

vFit Gold featured in Glamour

Our life-changing vFit Gold device was recently featured in Glamour's article, "23 Verishop Sex Toys That Are Ridiculously Chic". While vFit isn't a toy, we're proud to be recognized as a powerful tool to improve sexual satisfaction by promoting hydration, sensation, and pelvic floor strength!

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A mother is sitting at a table while her young daughter hugs her from behind and wraps her arms around her neck.

Did the pandemic end the divide between moms?

No matter how you frame it, motherhood is exhausting. However, since the early 90s, women have been battling over whether or not we belong in the workforce or at home raising children. It has created a difficult challenge of balancing work and motherhood. The pandemic handed us dozens of lessons, including...

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7 Lessons Motherhood Teaches Us | Joylux

7 Lessons Motherhood Teaches Us

If you felt like you became a different person when you had a child, you can thank biology. After all, growing a human is no small task. Emerging research has shown that women undergo brain remodeling during pregnancy for up to two years.  What feels like “mommy brain” during that...

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calmHER Nite featured on Oprah Daily | Joylux

calmHER Nite featured on Oprah Daily

Sure, we know our products are life-changing for women experiencing the changes of menopause – but it’s always better to hear it from the one-and-only Oprah! Our calmHER Nite cooling pad was featured on Oprah Daily’s 26 of the Best Menopause Products to Get You Through Hot Flashes.

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