Scientific Rigor
with Invigorating Results

We are committed to research and development in the field of women’s intimate health because we know firsthand how vital it is to our overall health and wellbeing.

Dr. Sarah de la Torre, Ob-Gyn, along with a team of scientists, engineers, and a network of urologists and Ob-Gyns around the world, is studying the impact of our technology on vaginal health and sexual function. After five years, six studies, 200+ women, several published, peer-reviewed papers, and millions invested, we can confidently say our products are having a positive impact on women’s lives.

What We See with vFit

Yellow and red colors indicate heat and increased blood flow to vaginal vestibule and surrounding tissues.

Independent thermography study of our sonic technology on vaginal vestibule and surrounding tissue blood flow conducted by Dr. Irwin Goldstein, San Diego Sexual Medicine. Study data on file.
What You Feel with vFit

felt improved intimate wellness.

felt an increase in sensation.

felt increased natural hydration.

found the device comfortable to use.

felt more confident after using vFit.

Independent 60-day study conducted by The Benchmarking Group. Study data on file.
None of this matters unless you love our products. That’s what we are most proud of.
“If the house was on fire, vFit would be the first thing I grab.”
91% of current customers
would recommend vFit to a friend*
*Survey of Joylux customers, 2019.

“I am a 59 year old woman… this product gave me so much confidence and desire to be intimate again. I have recommended it to close friends and now to you. Trust me, it works, is painless and in fact, pleasurable.”


“This has made me feel more confident in spontaneous intimacy with my husband. We both notice the change and have found intercourse to be much more enjoyable. I am way more sensitive and he definitely feels a difference. Orgasms are heightened!”


“Before using vFit, I lacked sexual confidence after having a baby. My sex drive increased, I gained back confidence and sex became more pleasurable again.”


“I appreciate that a company has finally created something to help with many womanly issues. It was easy to use and comfortable.”