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+What are vFit Gold and vFit Gold PLUS?

vFit Gold and vFit Gold PLUS are two of the world’s first non-hormonal, non-invasive intimate wellness solutions that use a patented combination of low level light, gentle heat, and sonic technology to encourage blood flow, which aids natural hydration, and help you improve moisture, sensation, pleasure, and intimacy, all from the privacy of your home. vFit Gold PLUS offers additional features to allow you to experience better results faster.

+Is vFit FDA approved?

The FDA designated vFit as a Low-Risk General Wellness Device in December 2017 through a formal 513-G process, allowing us to legally market and sell our devices for intimate wellness. Want to know more? Click here.

+How do I use vFit?

Getting started is easy! First, be sure to charge your device for at least 24 hours before first use. We recommend you use a clear, water-based gel to help with insertion of the device. Apply a desired amount of gel – a dime-sized amount is a good starting point. (We created our Photonic Gel for use with vFit.) Next, turn on your vFit by pressing the power button. Choose your light mode and press the button to get started. Then lie back, relax, and know you're improving your intimate wellness. For more information on how to use vFit, check out our video tutorial.

+How long should I use vFit Gold or vFit Gold PLUS?

Use your device regularly. As with any exercise regimen, it takes time to notice results. In a consumer study, women used their devices every other day for 10 minutes per day. Over the course of 60 days, women noticed an improvement in intimate wellness, enhanced comfort and pleasure with intercourse, and increased confidence. They then used the device on an ongoing basis, once or twice per week for maintenance. As we all know, you must continue to work out in order to maintain your great results. If you have the professional model, vFit Gold PLUS, work up to using your device 12 minutes every other day.

+Can I use vFit during my menstrual cycle?
Yes, vFit is safe to use during menstruation. We leave the decision to use vFit during one’s menstrual cycle to the discretion of each individual user. Continue to use if you are comfortable doing so or take the week off if you prefer.
+Can I have sexual intercourse after using vFit?
Yes, it’s okay to have sexual intercourse after using vFit.
+Can I use estrogen cream with vFit?
Yes, our recommendation is to use vFit on alternating days from your estrogen cream application days.
+How do I charge vFit?
Your device comes with a USB-C charging cable. To charge your device, plug one end of the cable into the charging port at the end of the device.

Plug the other end of the cable into any universal USB-C certified power source. You can use any power cube which plugs into a standard electrical outlet, such as your phone charger.

When plugged in, your device will detect power and vibrate 2 times. The center red light will illuminate, letting you know your device is charging. Once fully charged, the red indicator light will turn solid green.
+Can I use a different USB cable to charge my device?
No—please use only an official Joylux charging cable to charge your Joylux device. Using third-party cables may cause harm to your device or adversely affect its operation. Joylux warranties do not cover damage caused from the use of third-party charging cables.
+How do I clean vFit?

Using a soft, non-abrasive cloth, gently clean vFit with warm water and antibacterial soap prior to first use and after each subsequent use. Rinse vFit thoroughly to ensure all soap residue is removed. Let vFit air dry and store in a cool, dry location protected from dirt or dust.

Don’t immerse your vFit Gold or vFit Gold PLUS in water or place in a dishwasher, sterilizer, or autoclave. Don’t use cleaning solutions which may damage your vFit Gold or vFit Gold PLUS and their electronics or allow the electronic controls and charging port to get wet.

+What is Photonic Gel?

Photonic Gel is a premium, ultra-concentrated, water-based lubricant that is infused with hyaluronic acid and aloe to help moisturize. Our gel is formulated specifically to address dryness and will enhance the performance and comfort of your vFit Gold or vFit Gold PLUS.

+Is vFit Gold - or vFit Gold PLUS - right for me?

To learn more and determine whether vFit Gold or vFit Gold PLUS is best for you, take our quiz.

+What are the differences between vFit Gold and vFit Gold PLUS?

vFit Gold PLUS has more LED power than our vFit Gold model, an additional 12-minute session time, and 10 vibration modes compared to vFit Gold's six vibration modes. The device’s added power, time, and features allow you to achieve maximum results faster.

+Where can I buy vFit Gold PLUS?

vFit Gold PLUS is available at professional offices. Visit our Professional Locator to find one nearest you.

vFit Gold can also be purchased at with the Gold PLUS Upgrade to unlock the full vFit Gold PLUS functionality.

+What do I get with the Gold PLUS upgrade?

With the Gold PLUS upgrade, your device offers more LED power, an additional 12-minute session time, and 4 more vibration modes compared to vFit Gold – all helping you to achieve better results, faster.

+Why do I have to pay for the upgrade?

Previously available through professional offices only, vFit Gold PLUS helps you to achieve maximum results faster with two years of access to premium device features. With your Gold PLUS upgrade, your device offers more LED power, an additional 12-minute session time, and 4 more vibration modes compared to vFit Gold.

Originally priced at $495, we recently lowered the price of the device by $100 to allow more women the opportunity to benefit from vFit Gold. Due to the additional expenses associated with the device's hardware and software, we charge an additional fee for Gold PLUS access.

+What is the return policy for vFit devices?

We’re able to accept returns for a refund as long as the silver security seal on the box of the vFit device is intact and unopened within 60-days of purchase.

Due to the intimate nature of the device, we are unable to accept opened products for a return/ refund. For questions about product returns or refunds, please contact us.

+What is the Joylux Gold app and where can I download it?

From controlling your vFit Gold device and tracking progress, to monitoring your unique symptoms and learning about what your body is going through, the Joylux Gold app makes improving vaginal wellness and managing menopause a lot easier.

The Joylux Gold app is available in the United States on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

+Are the Joylux App and the Gold PLUS Upgrade available outside of the United States?
The Joylux App and the Gold PLUS Upgrade are only available in the United States.
+What is the Joylux MembHERship™ Program?

MembHERship allows a customer to amortize out the cost of vFit over 6 months through regular monthly payments. It also includes monthly shipments of our other products to allow for one easy solution for complete intimate wellness.


+What is HER Intimate Care?
HER Intimate Care is our Ob-Gyn formulated collection of intimate care products that help you cleanse, hydrate, protect, and ward off unwanted scents for your entire body without putting your V at risk.
+How is HER Intimate Care unique?
With vulvar health in mind, our Ob-Gyn formulated luxurious intimate care products are pH balanced with “clean” ingredients that cleanse, hydrate, and freshen from head to toe.
+Why can’t I just use soap?
Many skincare products today contain harmful ingredients and have high pH levels (9-10) that can cause dryness, irritation, and discomfort. At a balanced pH of 4.5, we only use gentle ingredients that are safe and healthy for every part of a woman’s body, including the vulva.
+What are “clean” ingredients?
Our clean ingredients are balanced, healthy, powerful, effective and nontoxic. They’re free of parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oils, phthalates, petrochemicals, PEG, synthetic dyes, and alcohol.
+How do I use the HER Intimate Care products?
HER Intimate Care products are easy and effective to use in your daily self-care routine.
revitalizHER: Apply desired amount to external skin, anywhere that needs intense hydration.
SHEbar: Apply the bar onto wet external intimate skin. Gently lather, massage, and then rinse thoroughly.

Customer Care

+Do vFit Gold and vFit Gold PLUS have a warranty?

We offer a one-year warranty against manufacturer defect-related problems resulting from normal use of the product. Register your vFit today to activate your warranty.

Not covered under the one-year warranty: damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, alterations, or unauthorized repair; normal wear and tear, including chips, scratches, abrasions, discoloration, or fading.

+Are online auction and marketplace sites (such as eBay/Groupon) authorized resellers of vFit Gold, vFit Gold PLUS or Photonic Gel?

No, online auction and marketplace sites (such as eBay and Groupon) are not authorized retailers of vFit Gold, vFit Gold PLUS or Photonic Gel. If you purchase from an unauthorized institution, our product(s) may be diluted, expired, or counterfeit. They may not be safe to use or perform as tested. Item(s) purchased on online auction and marketplace sites will void the one-year manufacture warranty.

vFit Gold PLUS is sold through professionals. Visit our Professional Locator section to find the professional nearest you.

In addition to purchasing on, visit any of the authorized resellers below to purchase vFit:


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