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Hot flashes can be very uncomfortable and disruptive. Find comfort from hot flashes naturally with these products. Our Cooling Care products use proprietary Phase Change Material™ to pull heat away from your body, helping cool your body to its core while providing instant, soothing relief. Our comfortHER supplements are formulated with genistein, plant botanicals, supplements, and minerals to help support menopausal symptoms and decreasing hormone levels.

coldHER™ Cooling Bra Inserts - Joylux

coldHER™ Cooling Bra Inserts


For swift relief from hot flashes, breast discomfort, and a speedy cool-down (post-workout or anytime), try our convenient and discreet cooling pads. Based on your feedback, they are now bigger to cover more surface area and provide even more relief. coldHER utilizes innovative Phase Change Material to rapidly pull heat from your body without the need for refrigeration. Place directly on your skin for targeted cooling—under your bra strap, on your nipples, or wherever cooling is needed most. Phase Change Material goes back to solid at room temperature, making coldHER ideal for on-the-go relief. Pack a pair in your purse, your gym bag, the nursery, and for an extra punch—your fridge! The best part, coldHER can be re-cooled at room temperature and used again and again.  Uncover the science behind the coolness on the How It Works tab below. Comes with 2 pads—One for each boob. $19.00 + tax and shipping