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For Professionals
Improve Your Practice with vFit PLUS and HER Intimate Care
For Professionals

Improve the quality of your patients’ lives by providing advanced at-home wellness solutions that allow women to take advantage of your services beyond the walls of your practice.

What is vFit PLUS?

vFit PLUS is our professional strength version of our popular vFit device. It has more LED power, higher thermal loading, additional session times, and more sonic technology features, so your patients achieve maximum results faster—all for the exact same price to your patient as our vFit device.

Existing Provider?

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Why Carry Our Products?
Benefits to your patients

• Affordable intimate wellness options

• At-home maintenance solutions to help extend benefits in-between in-office treatments

• Quick & easy

• 9 out of 10 women experience results

• All natural, noninvasive, and hormone-free

• Read our customer reviews to learn more about vFit's life-changing benefits

Benefits to your practice

• No up-front capital investment

• No nursing staff training or treatment time required

• Significant incremental revenue opportunity

• Opportunity to engage your front-office staff in intimate wellness

Case Study

Learn about the success of Perspective Health, LLC and its offering of vFit PLUS.

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How Joylux Will Help You Succeed

• Marketing support to reinforce your sales efforts

• Public relations campaigns to drive the conversation and build brand awareness

• Staff training to develop sales strategies

• Events to help you sell through product

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Harness a powerful device and tools to help you grow your business and help your customers achieve optimal wellness.

Contact us about offering vFit PLUS or HER Intimate Care to your patients, or to evaluate vFit PLUS for yourself.

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Endorsed by prominent professionals, including:
Headshot of Joylux Advisor, Red Alinsod
Red Alinsod, MD

Laguna Beach, CA

“This product fits perfectly into our practice as part of our dedication to continual development and pioneering of technology to provide choices and solutions to women.”

Dr. Red Alinsod, Ob-Gyn

Headshot of Peter Castillo, Joylux Advisor
Peter Castillo, MD

Los Gatos, California

Headshot of Susan Murrman, Joylux Advisor
Susan Murrmann, MD

Germantown, TN

Headshot of Dr. Rebecca Nelken
Rebecca Nelken, MD

Ob-Gyn and Urogynecologist
Beverly Hills, CA

Ava Shamban, MD

Santa Monica, CA

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Contact us about offering vFit PLUS or HER Intimate Care to your patients, or to evaluate vFit PLUS for yourself.

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Or call 1-844-872-8578