vFit User Guides

Welcome to the Joylux family!

From one eternally busy woman to another, I would like to share a few quick pointers with you:

To get the best results, use the device every other day. We all get busy and set things aside, especially when we can’t see visible results. Trust us--your device is doing exactly what it is supposed to do even though you can’t see it. Stay the course, and you will be thrilled with the benefits.

Speak out. Talk to your girlfriends, your doctor, your partner. You deserve the best care, and that comes with open and honest dialogue about intimate wellness.

Live life to the fullest. We are thrilled to partner with you in your journey to optimal wellness. Go ahead--laugh hard, exercise, reconnect with your partner. We have you covered.

Here’s to living our best lives,

Colette Courtion

vFit Gold & vFit Gold PLUS
vFit & vFit PLUS
The Joylux vFit Quick Start Guide explaining the steps to use the vFit device
Manual Operation
(all vFit models)
  1. Turn on vFit by pressing the power button until the center green light appears.
  2. Press and release the light mode button to select your preferred time.
  3. Once selected, press and hold the same light button again (not the vibration button to the left of the light button) to turn on the lights and vibration.
    • By default, constant low-intensity vibration will begin, together with the lights. The vibration mode is independent of the light session; you can change the vibration pattern and intensity at any time.
    • The lights will illuminate to solid red, and the time is activated. The time cannot be changed.
  4. Insert vFit into the vagina until the light window is completely inside.
  5. Lie back and relax, knowing you are improving your vaginal health.