Cooling Care
to manage “hot” moments

We developed our cooling care products to deliver comfort from hot flashes and night sweats naturally. Our clinically tested products use proprietary Phase Change Material™ to pull heat away from the body, helping cool to the core while providing instant, soothing relief.

Temperature regulated for cooling therapy.

Naturally pulls heat away from your body.

May be placed directly on skin. Does not burn like ice.

Long-lasting relief from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Conquer hot flashes and night sweats

Our revolutionary Phase Change Material™ provides a natural, clinically proven way to manage hot ­flashes and night sweats.

The material begins in a hardened state and melts while pulling heat from your body.

Our Cooling Care Products
coldHER™ 58° and 80°

These discreet bra inserts cool the chest to either 58° or 80°. They naturally draw heat away from the chest, cooling for up to 30 minutes, making this an easy, effective, natural solution for hot flashes (and nursing moms).


reliefHER provides targeted relief to the upper back and neck area in an easy to use wrap which cools the body to 80°. Cold therapy has been shown to produce a calming effect, while also providing instant comfort and soothing relief.

calmHER Nite™

calmHER Nite cools to 80° via a convenient and soothing pad. Sit or lay on the pad to feel a soothing cool through your core. Provides cool comfort for chairs, pillows, in bed—it goes where you go to keep you cool.

Manufactured for Joylux by Xena Ventures. FDA Registered Class I product.