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Cooling Care
For the hot you don't want

Tired of restless nights? Embarrassed by a sudden flash of heat overtaking your body? You are not alone. Hot flashes impact upwards of 20 million women. Before now, we had to choose between hormone replacement therapy, which carries risks or supplements which don’t always deliver. We have finally created a safe, natural and effective alternative.

Why Ice is Not Nice

Many of us reach for ice at the first sign of a hot flash. Not only is ice messy, wet, and inconvenient but it can also cause damage. Putting ice directly on the skin can lead to frostbite in mere minutes because ice measures 32° and lower. Our body temperature is 98°. Going from 98° to 32° immediately is an unnecessary shock to our delicate skin. You wouldn’t walk outside naked at 32°, would you?

Get Cool - Naturally

Using a specially formulated phase change material, our cooling care products can be worn directly on the skin or over light clothing safely and comfortably. These products deliver targeted relief directly where it is needed to continually absorb and remove the heat. This minimizes fluctuations in body temperature and offers an immediate and constant cooling effect.

Imagine the wax of a candle melting when lit or butter melting when heated. This is the effect our proprietary phase change material has, starting in a hardened state and turning to liquid as it absorbs the heat from the body.

Our Cooling Care Products
coldHER™ 58° and 80°

These discreet bra inserts come in two temperature options, cooling the chest to either 58° or 80° for up to 30 minutes, making this an easy, effective, natural solution. Tuck these pads into your bra strap while at home or on the go for quick relief from hot flashes, post workout heat, breast pain and soreness from nursing moms. This four pack allows you to pack a pair in your purse, your gym bag, and your fridge!

coldHER 80° can be recooled at room temperature for reuse.

coldHER 58° refreshes in the refrigerator in 20 minutes to reuse

calmHER Nite™

calmHER Nite cools to 80° via a convenient and soothing pad. If you are constantly kicking the covers off, opening your bedroom window in January and freezing your partner, give this a try instead. Lay on this pad to feel a soothing cool through your core. Provides cool comfort for chairs, pillows, couches, the car—it goes where you go to keep you cool. calmHER Nite needs no refrigeration and recools at room temperature.

Science is Cool

In a clinical study, 75% of women reported a reduction in the number and severity of hot flashes and 53% reported fewer hot flashes. All with zero side effects. Now that is cool!

70% of participants reported 75% reduction in number and severity. 100% of participants reported 53% fewer hot flashes.
Zero adverse side effects. Hot flash severity and duration decreased.
How cool is 80°?

If you don’t think 80° sounds cold enough, try standing in your 70° house without clothes on. Remember, our body temperature is 98.6° — 80° is cooler than you expect and extremely comforting.

Manufactured for Joylux by Xena Ventures. All of our cooling care products are FDA registered and HSA/FSA reimbursable.