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These curated collections are designed to help with a wide variety of intimate health concerns—helping women to feel cleaner, cooler, and more confident. With these kits offered at a substantial savings, you can shop Joylux's gift sets for yourself, or buy as thoughtful presents for the special women in your life. These sets are excluded from most promotional discounts.

vFit Starter Kit

vFit Starter Kit


Get started with vFit Gold and everything you need to support your journey towards improved intimate wellness. This kit includes 1 vFit Gold device; 1 Photonic Gel, designed to enhance vFit performance; and 1 pack of Photonic Wipes, formulated to clean your Joylux device from harmful bacteria.Stock up and save 4%!
vFit Gold and Photonic Gel - Joylux

vFit Gold and Photonic Gel

$378.00 Regular price $420.00 Sold Out

vFit Gold®, crafted for mid-life women, is an Ob-Gyn designed device that promotes a stronger pelvic floor and heightened control through patented red-light benefits. Enjoy increased natural lubrication, enhanced sensation, and a feeling of tightness with just a few sessions per week in the comfort of your home. Pair this device with our scientifically proven Photonic Gel. Infused with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and light-reflecting ingredients, this gel amplifies light power by 45%. A must-have for vFit device users, it ensures optimal effectiveness and results, providing safe and clean support for your intimate health journey. Save 10%!
Essentials Set - Joylux

Essentials Set

$30.00 Regular price $34.00 Sold Out

Enhance your vFit Gold experience with our essentials—the perfect duo to optimize and maintain your device. Our Photonic Gel is formulated with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and light-reflecting ingredients, scientifically proven to amplify light power by 45%, ideal for vFit device users seeking heightened efficacy. Meanwhile, our Photonic Wipes offer specialized cleaning for your Joylux device, effectively eliminating 99.5% of common germs and residue that accumulate during vaginal use. Safeguard your device's silicon, lights, and electronics from potential damage while ensuring superior hygiene and longevity. Save 10%! $34.00 $30.00 + tax and shipping
HER Gift Set - Joylux

HER Gift Set

$72.00 Regular price $81.00

The HER Intimate Care gift set includes 1 each of our cleansHER, revitalizHER and SHEbar. It is packaged in a beautiful gift box which makes a great gift for yourself or a friend. Stock up and save 10%!
SHEbar Set - Joylux

SHEbar Set (3-pack)

$30.00 Regular price $33.00

Once you try SHEbar, you'll quickly realize that no other cleansing bar will do. This set includes 3 bars—stock up and save or give the set as a gift! Enriched with coconut, argan and avocado oils, this soap-free french-milled bar provides a rich, luxurious lather to gently cleanse and nourish your delicate tissue. Stock up and save 10%!
Cleanse and Soothe Duo - Joylux

Cleanse and Soothe Duo

$63.00 Regular price $70.00

Elevate your intimate care with our dynamic duo: cleansHER, an aloe-based wash, keeps delicate skin clean and hydrated with mandarin orange blossom oil and arginine. Pair it with revitalizHER, a pH-balanced serum featuring coconut oil, beeswax, and potent antioxidants, rejuvenating your intimate tissue and hydrating your skin for lasting comfort and confidence. Save 10%! $70.00 $63.00 + tax and free shipping
Photonic Gel 2-Pack - Joylux

Photonic Gel 2-Pack

$45.00 Regular price $50.00 Sold Out

Stock up on our Photonic Gel, an essential companion for your vFit device. Crafted with safe and clean ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and aloe vera, this gel is scientifically proven to amplify light power by 45%. Ensure you're never without this vital addition to your vFit routine by having a backup gel on hand! Stock up and save 10%! $50.00 $45.00 + tax and shipping
Photonic Wipes 3-Pack - Joylux

Photonic Wipes 3-Pack

$24.00 Regular price $27.00

Care for your Joylux device with our Photonic Wipes—your essential partner for vFit maintenance. Specifically formulated to remove harmful bacteria and residue, these wipes are 99.5% effective against common germs that accumulate from use. Safeguard your device's silicon, lights, and electronics while ensuring hygiene and longevity. Stock up on wipes to guarantee that they're always on hand to keep your device performing its best. Stock up and save 10%! $27.00 $24.00 + tax and shipping
Best Sellers Combo Set - Joylux

Best Sellers Combo Set

$385.00 Regular price $428.00

Enhance your intimate health routine with two best-selling products: vFit Gold® and SHEbar soap-free French-milled bar. Designed for mid-life women, the vFit Gold® Device strengthens the pelvic floor and offers increased control through patented red-light benefits. Experience improved natural lubrication and heightened sensation from home. Complementing this is a 3-pack of our SHEbar, enriched with coconut, argan, and avocado oils for a gentle, nourishing cleanse. Elevate your intimate care with this powerful duo for enhanced comfort and wellbeing. Stock up and save 10%! $428.00 $385.00 + tax and free shipping
Rapid Relief Duo - Joylux

Rapid Relief Duo

$36.00 Regular price $40.00

Experience postpartum comfort with our calming duo: SOOTHE Perineal Spray offers instant, natural relief from stitches and swelling, while our NOURISH Body Butter hydrates and soothes stretched, itchy skin. Save 10%! $40.00 $36.00 + tax and shipping