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Vacation Sex is the Best! Here's How to Bring it Home with You

It's okay to admit it—every so often, you've allowed yourself to get lost in a daydream about a sexy summer getaway with your partner. You already know that vacation sex can often be some of the best sex of your life, and you probably spend a fair amount of time trying to recapture that moment in your everyday life. Thankfully, there's no need to jet off to exotic locations just to enjoy more satisfying sex—we've put together our favorite ways to take vacation sex home with you!

Why Vacation Sex Is the Best

It's no secret that getting lost in the moment and allowing yourself to truly enjoy the experience of sex is always more satisfying than merely going through the motions. Many of us find that we can let our guards down a little more easily when we're on vacation. We don't have all of the worries of day-to-day life to deal with at the moment. Not only that, but we might have indulged in an adult beverage (or two), which can also help lower inhibitions. Whatever the case may be, the sex that many of us experience while on vacation is often remembered as being far superior to sex at home.

The Power of Escapism

Many people put a negative spin on the term "escapism", and it's true that there are some negative ways that escapism can be used in an individual's life. However, escapism can have positive uses as well! When you and your partner go on vacation as a form of escaping your everyday life, this can be a very good thing that helps recharge your batteries.

Focusing only on the present moment and not allowing the distractions of your everyday life to weigh down on you is an excellent way to rekindle the relationship that you have with your partner and enjoy a more meaningful vacation with that person. If you can work some sex into that time as well, then that's even better!

Breaking Routine and Rediscovering Each Other

Getting away from routines and allowing yourself to relax and rest is healthy for both your body and mind. It can also be a great way to reconnect with your partner.

You both have responsibilities back at home that you can't exactly let slide. You likely have jobs, bills to pay, family gatherings to attend, and maybe even children to care for. That is a lot on anyone's plate, and it's a big part of why some couples begin to drift apart. Taking a vacation together is a great way to begin to work on rebuilding a relationship that you both might have started to take for granted.

Unplugging and Reconnecting

Did you know that the average American spends over 7 hours looking at a screen every day? Some of that screen time is work or school-related and may be necessary, but plenty of it can be chalked up to nothing more than a distraction. This drains time that could be spent with your partner instead. 

In an article from Psychology Today, relationship experts Linda and Charlie Bloom share the following about unplugging: 

A growing body of psychology research examines how increased reliance on technology affects our closest relationships, particularly when used during meals and intimate experiences... Many couples report that electronic devices cause arguments when there is a hope or expectation that there will be an opportunity for meaningful interpersonal relating.

It's clear that there are times when you should simply unplug from all of your connected devices and focus on your partner. It can help you reconnect, and make you feel more relaxed overall. We all need a break from the technologies that we're so plugged into all the time.

Adventure and Adrenaline

It turns out that a high level of adrenaline running through your body can also make sex more enjoyable. Adrenaline increases your heart rate and blood flow, and those factors can make sex more enjoyable. Heart rate and blood flow increases are a natural part of what happens during the sexual experience anyway, so it's easy to understand why that feeling might make you more primed for sex in the first place. If you're on vacation with your partner, you are bound to engage in some adventures and activities that get your adrenaline levels up—take advantage of that!

Tips for Recreating Vacation Sex at Home

Now, you might be wondering why you can't enjoy the best vacation sex when you're just at home? We believe you can! Here are some of our favorite tips to make any romantic encounter feel like an escape:

Create a Staycation Ambiance

Work on establishing an atmosphere within your home that transports you back to vacation memories. Decorate with things that remind you of your favorite travel destinations, adjust your lighting to set a romantic mood, and try introducing a candle or diffuser with scents that remind you of vacation bliss.

Communicate with your partner about all of this and see if they have any recommendations for how to create a more vacation-like atmosphere within the house. When you work together on this, you can bring the vacation to your home!

Plan Theme Nights

Break up the routine of your everyday life. You can make things a little more interesting and a little spicier when you're open to planning theme nights for your own home. You might cook a dinner of a specific national origin, mix cocktails that remind you of carefree poolside days, or play music from a favorite place you've visited together. And don't forget to bring in elements that make you both feel sexy, like dressing up for each other or swapping long massages—anything that helps mix it up can create a better sexual experience at home!

Prioritize Uninterrupted Quality Time

Put your electronic devices in a drawer somewhere and focus on each other. You're at home, and it's easy to slip into distraction. Instead, put those things away just like you might while on vacation. If you make that commitment to your partner, you can go a long way toward creating a vacation-like atmosphere where you can simply enjoy quality time together.

Embrace the excitement, passion, and adventure, and you'll find that the boundaries between vacation sex and regular sex begin to blur, creating a fulfilling and intimate bond that lasts beyond any holiday. Bon voyage!

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