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How Exercise Improves Your Sex Life

Regular exercise boasts tons of advantages beyond looking good. From stress management to lowering the risk of heart disease — the benefits are too long to list. However, one big benefit happens between the sheets, and we want to shine a big spotlight on how it can help improve your intimate wellness.

Studies show regular exercise improves your sex life in several ways. Let’s look at how exactly exercise benefits sexual health — especially in your menopausal years. 

Exercise for better sex

We all know the more you run, the more proficient you get at running. The same benefits happen in the bedroom. Participating in a regular exercise regimen helps improve blood flow, increases stamina, and improves overall muscle strength. These changes in your body can improve sexual performance, enhance sexual satisfaction, and boost your intimate health, no matter your age.

Cardiovascular exercises such as running, biking, swimming, and dancing improve circulation and blood flow. These are two primary functions in sexual arousal because blood flow increases in your genitals. 

On the other hand, strength training with weights or bodyweight can increase libido, decrease stress, and improve performance because your body is stronger overall. Exercise also helps your body move better and can increase your stamina no matter what type of exercise you regularly perform. 

Feeling better about your body 

The sexier we feel, the more sex we want to have. Body image is tied to sexual satisfaction, and research shows those who exercise regularly have a better relationship with their bodies. This improved relationship happens on several levels — all not necessarily relating to weight loss. 

Exercising forces us to tune into our body and turn our attention to how our body moves and feels. Having this heightened body awareness teaches us to appreciate what our bodies can do. Exercise also makes your body feel stronger, more stable, and more flexible. Improved physical capabilities may make us more inclined to trust our bodies in the bedroom. Exercise also improves our overall muscle tone, shape, and appearance, making us feel more confident with the lights on.   

Exercise improves sexual function

Studies show that those who exercise have less self-reported sexual dysfunction and may exercise better arousal, more orgasms, and the ability to stay aroused for long periods. Research also shows that high levels of cardiovascular exercise improve sexual function in men by increasing blood flow to the genitals, giving them the ability to maintain firmer erections for longer periods. 

Regular exercise can also increase your pelvic floor and core and leg strength. When you increase the strength in these two muscle groups, you are more likely to have stronger, more frequent orgasms. 

Exercising with your partner can also improve your sex life. Doing activities together that you enjoy increases your body and gives you quality time that doubles as foreplay. Plus, physically fit couples benefit from increased sexual arousal, stamina, and desire. It’s a win-win! 

Can I exercise too much?

Like everything in life, there is a law of diminishing returns. If you are too physically exhausted, overworked, or undernourished, it can negatively impact your sex life. Find a healthy balance that works for your schedule and your body. 

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XO, Colette Courtion, Founder & CEO

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