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Sexual function affects our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This collection of products helps improve sexual function by promoting an increase in sensation, strength, and natural hydration. However, it’s not just physical improvements in intimate wellness that can enhance sexual function. Feeling sexy, clean, fresh, and having soft, hydrated intimate skin can all add to a better sexual experience. There is a reason 69% of women turn down sex because of insecurities around scent. Now, connect confidently thanks to these luxurious, clean products with a lovely mandarin scent.

vFit® Gold - Joylux

vFit® Gold Device


Improve sex, control, and lubrication with our intimate health device, vFit Gold, all from the comfort and privacy of home. Experience a stronger pelvic floor, improved sensation, and a feeling of tightness thanks to vFit’s red-light benefits. The device is paired with our Joylux Gold app, which makes the process easier and more enjoyable than you imagined possible.

Enhance your device's performance with our Photonic Gel.

Joylux vFit Gold MembHERship

Joylux vFit Gold MembHERship


Enjoy a savings of over 25% while you pay over time, interest free, for our popular vFit device and our intimate care products. This membership program offers simple and effective products to help you navigate all phases of menopause with ease.

*Auto renews. vFit Gold membHERship requires a 12-month commitment without incurring any cancelation fees.

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