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Enjoy a more restful night with sleep-enhancing products from Joylux. Our Cooling Care products pull heat away from your body, combating uncomfortable night sweats and hot flashes to promote healthy sleep. Our sleepiHER supplement promotes restful sleep with a calming blend of melatonin, Lactium® and botanicals to help support multiple facets of sleep: falling asleep, deep sleep, nocturnal rhythms, stress support and cortisol regulation.

CalmHER Nite™ Cool Relief - Joylux

CalmHER Nite™ Cool Relief


calmHER Nite features specially formulated 80° phase change material that feels surprisingly cool against your 98.6° degree body.  Sit or lay on the pad to feel a soothing cool rush through your core.  The cool relief lasts for up to two hours and does not require refrigeration. Re-cools at room temperature, ready for your next use.

Provides cool comfort for chairs, pillows, couch, in bed—it goes where you go to keep you cool. 

Size: 20″ x 15″

reliefHER™ - Joylux

ReliefHER™ Targeted Relief


reliefHER provides targeted relief to the places where women are very receptive to cold therapy: the upper back and neck area, between the shoulders.

As women age and become perimenopausal, fluctuating, and ultimately decreased estrogen levels have a significant effect on the normal regulation of brown adipose tissue activity, contributing to core body temperature fluctuations, including hot flashes. Cold therapy in these areas has been shown to produce a calming effect on hot flashes, while also providing comfort and soothing relief.