Putting your health first has never been so easy.

Putting your health first has never been so easy.
The Joylux Gold App

From controlling your vFit Gold device and tracking progress, to monitoring your unique symptoms and learning about what your body is going through, the Joylux Gold app makes improving vaginal wellness and managing menopause a lot easier.

Now, even if you don't own a device, you can still take advantage of the education, insights, and tools offered in our powerful app!

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Available in the United States only.

Features created to enhance your journey.
Upgrade to Gold PLUS Subscription Plan

Previously only available in physician's offices, you can now unlock the device features of vFit Gold PLUS with our Gold PLUS premium subscription plan.

With Gold PLUS, you’ll receive all the same app benefits of Gold, plus you’ll get stronger LED power, light energy and heat, with more session times and sonic modes (and much more!) to help you achieve better results, faster.

Upgrade to the Gold PLUS in the app store.

+Is Bluetooth safe to use?
vFit Gold uses a new, ultra-low-power form of Bluetooth called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The BLE transmitter is located in the handle of the device and never goes inside the vagina, nor comes into contact with any skin. In fact, the proximity of the BLE transmitter is much further away than holding a cellular phone to your ear, using wireless ear buds, hearing aids, fitness bands and many other Bluetooth-enabled health devices and tools. The BLE transmitter only turns on for very brief periods of time during a treatment session to communicate necessary information and then shuts down. Even when BLE is active, it only emits a tiny amount of power- 1/100th the regular Bluetooth power levels commonly found in other Bluetooth devices.
+Is my Data safe and secure?
Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Any data collected is never personally identifiable, rather is combined with all other users to provide trends not attributed to any one person. We won’t hold on to your data needlessly. If we don’t need it, we delete it, and we’ll delete it earlier if you request it. We will never sell your data to any third party. To learn more about our privacy policy, feel free to read here. https://joylux.com/pages/privacy-policy