Red Light Technology
Using natural red light to improve intimate health
A rainbow colored light spectrum labeling red light nearest to infrared light at the highest on the spectrum.

Energy fuels your internal bodily functions—it helps build, repair, and maintain cells and tissues—that support our external activities.

Natural light is a vital source of energy. Just like plants, our body absorbs light and converts it to energy.

The following information is research available online from peer-reviewed publications on light energy for various health applications. Joylux offers several light-based devices with each device having a different application, FDA regulatory clearance, and approved claims. Please refer to each individual device in Shop for their specific application, clearance and approved claims.

Joylux is committed to red light

Patented photobiomodulation therapy

Joylux was the first to apply red light to the vaginal canal to improve intimate wellness.

We remain committed to this technology due to its effectiveness and safety.

  • Red/infrared light penetrates the skin converting to photon energy
  • Photons are absorbed by cells activating the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell
  • Activated mitochondria release adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and nitric oxide (NO) to fuel cellular processes
  • Blood Circulation = tissue health
  • Cell Proliferation = collagen production
  • Inflammation = pain reduction

In an independent study, our products were evaluated, along with a few others on the market. While there are no set standards for each parameter, there are clinically-validated benchmarks, with clinical evidence confirming that lower dosimetric parameters result in reduced effectiveness.

Thankfully, our team of scientists and engineers have spent years and millions to find the optimal parameters, so our products deliver the best results for you. We are committed to driving meaningful results for women, from the comfort of home.

How Light Works
An informational graphic showing the relationship between the mitochondria and LED light energy, which results in increased ATP production leading to more energy to build collagen and repair tissue.

It is believed that mitochondria, in their excited state, release ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and NO (Nitric Oxide). Increased ATP means more energy to build collagen and repair tissue. Increased NO means improved blood flow, which helps the necessary nutrients and oxygen travel throughout our body. Dive deep into the science with one of our favorite published studies on red light.1 Since its discovery, light energy is now being used in a variety of health applications—from wrinkle reduction, hair growth, and wound healing to a reduction of pain and inflammation, as well as an improvement in vaginal wellness and vaginal/perineal recovery after childbirth.

1 Chung, H., Dai, T., Sharma, S., Huang, Y., James D. Carroll, J., Hamblin, M. The Nuts and Bolts of Low-level Laser (Light) Therapy February 1, 2013
We love red light because it is helping women live a better, more confident life.


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