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Three Real Ways to Get Closer to Your Partner

Dreading Intimacy? Here are 3 Real Ways to Get Closer to Your Partner.

Relationship advice is available everywhere we look. But suggestions to "try a new sexual position" or "schedule a date night" won't do much to cure the deeper issues standing between you and your partner.

Here are three simple (but powerful!) tips that will do way more for your relationship than any bouquet of flowers ever could.

#1 - Stop ruminating

Obsessing over a problem only fuels feelings of contempt and can even lead to depression. The first step to getting closer to your partner is to figure out what's really standing between you—and that starts with clearing your head.

Take a step back and observe:

  • What are your triggers in the relationship?
  • Does your partner drive you crazy when they show up late, fail to do the dishes, or overspend?
  • How do you typically react to these triggers?

You might be surprised to find that the things you usually get upset about have less to do with anything your partner did, and more to do with stress in another area of life (such as professional, financial, or physical issues).

#2 - Get out of your conversational comfort zone

As much as we wish it did, mind-reading never works.

Next time you find yourself face-to-face with a trigger, resist the urge to storm off. Instead, be brave and fess up to what's really going on, "Sorry I snapped. I just get frustrated when I'm under pressure at work."

Most of the time when we're upset about something that seems superficial at first glance, there's actually something deeper at play that we need to give voice to. Calling out the unspoken feelings standing between you and your partner instantly releases their hold on the relationship.

#3 - Learn to love sex again

Between our work, household responsibilities and smartphone addictions, daily life can look pretty unsexy—especially if you're one of approximately 40% of women suffering from sexual dysfunction.

But a healthy sex life is critical to maintaining a deeper connection with your partner—and more importantly, with yourself. And great sex isn't just for college students and twenty-somethings. vFit helps all women feel sexy and confident again. In fact, 100% of our study participants said vFit brought them closer to their partners.

Ready to feel connected again?

Find out how vFit can help.

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