Femtech Pioneer Joylux Innovates Again with the First Smart Device to Support Women Through Menopause - Joylux

Femtech Pioneer Joylux Innovates Again with the First Smart Device to Support Women Through Menopause

vFit® Gold debuts through select Ob-Gyn offices and online at Joylux.com 

SEATTLE, WA, USA, June 22nd,/EINPresswire.com/ -- Joylux, a leader in menopausal health products and home-use intimate wellness devices, announced the introduction of the vFit Gold smart intimate wellness device that pairs with the Joylux Gold app. Backed by 17 groundbreaking patents and endorsed by more than 1,000 medical professionals, vFit was the first intimate wellness device that harnessed the power of red light, gentle heat, and sonic technology clinically validated to promote improved strength, sensation, natural lubrication, and sexual function from the comfort and privacy of your home. Now with Bluetooth connectivity and a supporting app, vFit Gold just made improving intimate wellness while going through the transition of menopause a lot easier. The company also announced the expansion of its popular monthly membHERship program with the introduction of new products curated by Ob-Gyn Dr. Sarah de la Torre and inspired by the challenges women face in menopause, from hot flashes to sleep deprivation.

Joylux Gold app features include: 

  • Pre-populated Programs with Calendar and Alerts: Helps guide and track session programs, dates, and times to ensure women are getting the most out of their vFit Gold. 
  • Menopause Symptoms Tracker: Logs over 30 menopause symptoms and health indicators to help women better understand their health and menopause stage. 
  • Wellness Reports: Visualize trends and have a comprehensive view into your health data to share with menopausal health specialists. 
  • univHERsity Access: Provides relevant health-related information and resources to help women understand menopause and what their bodies are going through. 
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy: Employs state-of-the-art security and privacy protocols so women feel safe and secure with their information. 

New monthly Joylux MembHERship products include:

  • Cooling Care: A natural solution to help manage hot flashes and night sweats using revolutionary Phase Change Material™. Products include calmHER Nite™ for sleeping; coldHER™ 58° and 80° bra inserts, and reliefHER™ for back and chest cooling. 
  • Supplements: Menopause supplements to help manage brain fog, hair loss, and sleep interruptions, all due to the loss of estrogen with age. 
  • HER Intimate Care: Intimate skincare targeting the delicate vulva tissue. Developed by Dr. Sarah de la Torre, Ob-Gyn using only premium clean, pH-balanced ingredients. Includes the new SHEbar soap-free cleansing bar. 
  • vFit GOLD Accessories: Get the most out of vFit Gold with Photonic wipes which clean and maintain the device as well as Photonic Gel which is infused with hyaluronic acid for device comfort and to increase light intensity by 45%.

“Menopause remains a taboo topic, despite the fact that more than 54 million women are in or going through menopause in the US today. This should be a time when women enjoy the freedom and confidence that comes with age; instead, they are suffering in silence because they lack access to reliable information and products,” said Colette Courtion, Joylux founder and chief executive officer. “In partnership with Dr. Sarah de la Torre, Ob-Gyn and functional medicine expert, we’ve designed science-based products, digital tools, and relevant information to help women thrive during this phase of their life.” 

The vFit Gold smart device retails for $395 and includes a 1-year subscription to the Joylux Gold app available in both the Apple and Google Play app stores. vFit Gold can be purchased from medical professionals around the US or online from Joylux.com, Saks.com and other premium women’s health etailers. The Joylux vFit MembHERship program is available exclusively on Joylux.com and is priced at $59 per month with free shipping, a 25% savings off MSRP. Members pay for their vFit Gold device over 12 months, interest-free while receiving a monthly shipment of curated products inspired by menopausal concerns. For women who already own a vFit, Joylux offers the HER MembHERship (products-only) for $33 per month with free shipping, a 25% savings off MSRP.

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