Joylux Named as one of the Top Disruptive Beauty Brands by Interactive Advertising Bureau - Joylux

Joylux Named as one of the Top Disruptive Beauty Brands by Interactive Advertising Bureau

Joylux, the leading femtech company creating intimate wellness products for menopausal women, was named as one of the top 30 most disruptive US beauty and personal care brands to watch in 2020 by IAB after its analysis of more than 3,500 consumer brands. This honor comes to Joylux on the heels of being named the most Innovative and Ingenious Company of 2019 by the Angel Capital Association, and being nominated for the 2020 Geekwire hardware product of the year. Joylux is the only brand on this prestigious list offering intimate care products that cater to the underserved menopausal consumer. Among the other named beauty and personal care brands are powerhouses Glossier, The Honest Company, and Beautycounter.

According to IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg, 'These brands epitomize the growing disruptor brand economy, representing the leading edge of business development across the US and globally. We watch these brands because their business model, personalized relationships with consumers, and go-to-market strategies are transforming how brands are born, how they are advertised, and what consumers expect. Traditional brands aspire to their nimbleness and engagement. If they want to understand the future of the consumer economy, there is no better model to follow than the IAB 250.'

Joylux is demystifying and improving women’s intimate health needs with their proprietary vFit® red-light wellness device and Ob-Gyn-formulated HER Intimate Care™️ products that contain only clean ingredients. Their unique go-to-market strategy is derived from their team’s experience at Sonicare Toothbrush and Clarisonic, and begins with building relationships with leading women's health doctors who help educate on the problems and the Joylux solutions. Since their US launch in mid-2018, their products are now sold through hundreds of women’s health physicians and leading online e-tailers.

'We are thrilled to be in the company of these esteemed brands and to be recognized for our unique products and business model,” says Joylux Founder and CEO Colette Courtion. “Women trust doctors to recommend products that are based on solid science and can make a meaningful difference in their lives. By partnering with physicians early on, we are building a strong trust with our brand. Not only is this model providing a competitive advantage, it’s allowing us to efficiently grow our brand across all channels.'

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