Joylux membHERship™ Program

Joylux membHERship™ Program

Make self-care your new healthcare

Intimate care is a critical part of any woman’s self-care regimen. Joylux makes it easy and affordable to prioritize your feminine wellness with our Joylux MembHERship™ Program! Effortlessly keep your V happy with premium products from Joylux—the women’s health experts trusted by hundreds of doctors. 

Enroll in our MembHERship Program and pay for the popular vFit® device over 6 months, interest-free. In addition, you will receive an assortment of must-have intimate care products each month and exclusive women’s health information weekly from our team of physicians and women’s health experts, at a total membership savings of 35%, or more than $340 dollars!

MembHERship Benefits:

  • Receive nearly $1000 of value from our vFit device and HER Intimate Care ™ products
  • Save 35% or more than $340 dollars over the 6-month period
  • Exclusive access to Joylux UnivHERsity ™: physician-curated women’s health information


  • No shipping charges
  • No interest
  • No credit checks
  • Cancel anytime*

Cross intimate care off your to-do list, knowing that we’ll take care of everything! All you have to do is sit back and relax, knowing you’re improving your intimate wellness AND your overall health and wellbeing.

Sign up today and start your self-care journey. The first payment is only $169, followed by $89 in months 2 through 6. If you would like to stay enrolled in the MembHERship program, pay only $49 after month 6 and continue to receive HER Intimate Care products and exclusive access to Joylux UnivHERsity women’s health information weekly.

  • Month 1: $169
  • Month 3: $89
  • Month 4: $89
  • Month 5: $89
  • Month 6: $89
  • Month 7+: $49

*If you decide to cancel before 6 months, you are only responsible for paying the non-amortized cost of vFit. See chart below for program cancellation schedule:

  • Month 2: $413
  • Month 3: $330
  • Month 4: $248
  • Month 5: $165
  • Month 6: $83
  • Month 7+: No additional charges

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