Joylux membHERship™️ Program

Complete Intimate Care Membership

Enroll in our membHERship Program and pay for the popular vFit® device over 6 months, interest-free. In addition, you will receive an assortment of must-have intimate care products each month and exclusive women’s health information weekly from our team of physicians and women’s health experts, at a total membership savings of 35%, or more than $340 dollars!

membHERship Benefits:


Cross intimate care off your to-do list, knowing that we’ll take care of everything! All you have to do is sit back and relax, knowing you’re improving your intimate wellness AND your overall health and wellbeing.

Month 1

Initial payment: $169

In your first month, you’ll receive the revolutionary vFit (a $495 value). Our patented device uses red light technology to encourage blood flow and stimulate tissue to promote strength, natural hydration, sensation, and sexual function, as well as improve wellness and confidence. We’ll also include a Photonic Gel ($25 value), which enhances vFit’s performance and contains hyaluronic acid and aloe to moisturize. We spread the cost of the device out over 6 months to make it easy to invest in yourself.

Month 2 to Month 6

Monthly payment: $89

You’ll receive products from our luxurious HER Intimate Care collection, such as our intimate care wash, hydrating serums, deodorant sprays, and timely refills of Photonic Gel, and other exclusive products for your intimate wellness and self-care. You will also receive weekly access to Joylux UnivHERsity—exclusive physician-curated women’s health information and maybe even surprise gifts of staff favorites!

The total program savings on both the vFit Device and HER Intimate Care is 35%!

Month 7+

Monthly payment: $49

After the vFit device has been fully paid, we will continue to ship you products from our luxurious HER Intimate Care line valued at more than $75, saving you 35%. 

*If you decide to cancel before 6 months, you are only responsible for paying the non-amortized cost of vFit. See chart below for program cancellation schedule: