vFit Starter Kit

vFit Starter Kit - Joylux
vFit Starter Kit - Joylux

vFit Starter Kit

Get started with vFit Gold and everything you need to support your journey towards improved intimate wellness. This kit includes 1 vFit Gold device; 1 Photonic Gel, designed to enhance vFit performance; and 1 pack of Photonic Wipes, formulated to clean your Joylux device from harmful bacteria.

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 $409.00 + tax and free shipping


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10 Minutes to Improved Vaginal Tone

Improve your pelvic floor strength and sexual function, including natural lubrication, better sensation, and a feeling of tightness, all thanks to vFit Gold’s red-light.

Lie back and relax as you enjoy the 10-minute, app guided vFit sessions in the privacy of your home. No doctors visit needed. Bonus: You’ll also become educated and empowered on your health as you improve your vaginal wellness.

Trusted by over 1,000 medical professionals, you can feel good knowing pleasure and confidence are possible again.

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*Individual results may vary. 2015 independent consumer study results on file. vFit is designated a low risk general health and wellness product by the FDA.

Solutions for Every Phase and Need
What concerns you? Let us help you live confidently.
Sexual Function
Hot Flashes
Sleep Trouble
Brain Fog
Hair, Nails & Skin
What You Feel with vFit Gold
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felt improved intimate wellness.
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felt an increase in sensation.
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felt increased natural hydration.
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found the device comfortable to use.
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felt more confident after using vFit Gold.

Independent 60-day study conducted by The Benchmarking Group. Study data on file.