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5 Ways to Focus On Gratitude During the Busy Holidays

The most wonderful time of year often becomes the most stressful — and we often neglect to slow down to appreciate how much life has given us. As we move into the holiday season, it’s important to center your thoughts around gratitude. 

Since that’s often easier said than done, Joylux - a women’s health company - has come up with some quick ways to fit a little gratitude into your day, to help you prioritize your personal health & wellbeing, and fully live in the moment. Find what works best for you, try a new one every week, or practice them all! 

12 Days of Grace

We’re all familiar with the 12 days of Christmas. Even reading that gets the song stuck in your head. Rather than thinking about giving gifts during the 12 days leading up to Christmas, why not give a little grace and gratitude? 

You can make it fun by creating a calendar of what you’re thankful for. On each day, focus on a single thing to hold in gratitude. You don’t have to go big all the time. The smallest things like running water and cozy bedding can be on the list. The important thing is to slow down and pay attention to how much you have in life. 

Set a Daily Intention 

How often do you wake up, grab your phone, and start scrolling? Or do you jump out of bed and immediately make yourself busy? Throughout the holiday season, flip the switch and begin your day by setting an intention. 

An intention isn’t a goal for the day but more so a state of being. It’s the energy you bring, the attitude you set, and what you want to focus on. Your intentions relate to the person you want to become. If you feel tightly wound all the time but want to be more relaxed, that can be your daily intention.   

Start and End Each Day With Gratitude

Before you get out of bed and turn off the lights at night — pick up a journal and write down what you’re grateful for that day. Again, it’s not about focusing on the big lofty things. Think about the small things that make life possible. The blue sky, nice weather, fresh snow, and a polite person held the door for you. The more we notice the little things in life, the easier it becomes to handle the hard things. 

Send Someone a Thank You Note

How often do we forget to show our appreciation for the people in our life? Along with your 12 days of grace, you can do 12 days of thank you notes. Think of 12 people who greatly impact your life and write them a note of appreciation. It means so much when we receive a kind letter out of the blue, and by doing so, you can unexpectedly bring more joy into someone’s life.  

Focus On Your Breathing 

You’re probably wondering what breathing has to do with gratitude — but the two relate more than you think. When you take the time to focus on your breath, your mind is centered, and you feel more aligned with life. Gratitude breathing is a form of meditation that has deep roots in many cultures. 

There’s no right or wrong way to practice breathing. The only thing you need to do is set aside time, find a quiet place, and focus on your breath during that time. As little as five minutes a day of deep breathing can do wonders for your soul. 

We hope these tips & tricks help you introduce a feeling of gratitude into your life this holiday season, and allow you to feel fully present with your friends and family. If you’re looking for more women’s intimate health tips, you can read more on Joylux’s blog.

XO, Colette Courtion, Founder & CEO

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