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A Positive Mindset During Menopause: How to Reframe Your Thinking

Growing up, you might not remember the women in your life talking about menopause. That’s because the topics surrounding this life transition have long been swept under the rug — other than an occasional hot flash announcement. 

Since women have never learned how to frame conversations around menopause, many of us greet symptoms with a grumble, or we feel left out in the dark about what to expect. What if we could shift the conversation and provide menopause solutions by giving women the framework to have a positive mindset during the experience? 

Getting in touch with your feelings about menopause 

Women are often taught to hide negative emotions and experiences. When asked how we’re doing, we always reply, “I’m fine,” even on our worst days. So, when it comes to emotions during menopause, it's important to keep it real. Labeling your feelings empowers you to work through them and take control of your menopausal wellness.

Come up with a strategy that allows you to honor your feelings. When hot flashes, fatigue, or brain fog set in, name these symptoms aloud. Simply saying the words, “My brain fog is getting the best of me today,” will acknowledge your discomfort — not just to others, but to yourself. 

When you recognize and label what you’re feeling, this act allows you to give yourself breaks. Self-care is crucial during menopause, and there’s no trophy for gritting through tough times. A night of insomnia may mean you settle into bed early with a cup of herbal tea and a book rather than forcing yourself to finish a project. 

Menopause changes are inevitably uncomfortable sometimes. Being at peace with your discomfort and honoring your own needs will help you accept what you’re experiencing and improve your overall menopausal wellness. 

Take lessons from changes during menopause 

As you age, you may at times feel like you’re having an out-of-body experience. Suddenly you need a midday nap. Your skin may not glow as much as it used to. But in all these changes are lessons you can take to reframe your mindset around the experience, which will help create menopause solutions.

You may no longer be the frantic perfectionist you were in your 30’s. You’ve learned to slow down and appreciate the little moments in life. You may realize you don’t have to do everything for everyone — and that the word “no” wields a lot of power when it comes to self-care. 

You may also understand that your worth isn’t defined by your dress size, housekeeping skills, or bank account. There is a simple beauty in the wisdom you’ve developed over the years. You aren’t the same woman you were ten years ago. But that woman taught you to be the woman you are today. 

So, as you move through menopause, use this time to reflect on all the lessons you learned in your lifetime. Each one of those lessons played an important role in shaping who you are becoming. 

Redefining your purpose during menopause 

For many women, menopause comes during other life changes. The kids move out. You may experience career growth that brings on more responsibility. You think about downsizing your home, retirement plans, and how the dynamics of your relationships have changed. 

This may lead you to question your purpose in life. We’ve been taught to coin this as a midlife crisis. But we’re not meant to be the same person our entire lives, so why not use this time during the journey of menopausal wellness as a catalyst for growth? 

Take the time to find clarity around the next chapter in your life. You may find that journaling helps, or talking it over with someone who understands you. Pay attention to the experiences you want to have, the relationships you want to nurture, and what makes you feel alive. 

Your energy is sacred, and it’s time to tune into where you want to use that energy going forward. Get clear about your intentions, and realize you can shape your life however you dream. It’s a matter of shifting your mindset toward building the life you want in this new chapter — and thinking less about what you’re losing. 

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