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Take Your Child to Work Day – How to Make the Most of It!

Do you remember what it felt like to learn something new and exciting from your parents as a child? The thrill of discovery, the pride of showing off your newfound knowledge and skills to your friends—it's an experience that can shape young minds for years to come. That's why Take Your Child to Work Day is such an important event celebrated across many countries – it provides an opportunity for children to explore new professions and gain insight into their parents' jobs.

It's a special day that not only provides children with an unforgettable experience, but also teaches them the importance of education, career aspirations, and workplace expectations. In this blog post, we will discuss the history of Take Your Child to Work Day, its benefits, and tips for parents on how to make the most out of this experience.

The History of Take Your Child to Work Day

Take Your Child to Work Day is a widely celebrated event in many countries, observed annually in the United States on the fourth Thursday of April. Founded in 1993 by the Ms. Foundation for Women, the event was created with the intention to open girls' eyes to all of the career possibilities available to them and to start conversations about workplace equality for women.

By 1996, more than 5 million girls from 14 countries had participated in the event. The popular New York periodical Ms. Magazine called it a "fantastic opportunity to encourage girls to consider all different types of career choices, even those in traditionally male-dominated fields."

The event was open to both genders from 2003 onward and was renamed Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day. This inspiring day has since grown in popularity and is now celebrated annually in many countries across the world.
In 2018, nearly 3.5 million workplaces participated in this event in the United States, and it is estimated that more than 37 million Americans observe this job-shadowing tradition. Over 200 countries celebrate this day in some shape or form, such as Canada's "Take Our Kids to Work Day" program with The Learning Partnership, which has existed since 1994. Government agencies such as NASA and the White House are some of the many organizations that participate in Take Your Child to Work Day each year. With its origins dating back more than two decades ago, this day serves as an opportunity for young people to explore potential career paths while gaining important life skills.

The Benefits of Take Your Child to Work Day

Take Your Child to Work Day is an incredible opportunity for children to gain insight into their parents' jobs, explore new professions, and learn valuable skills. There are numerous benefits to this day, making it an essential experience for children of all ages.

Exposure to new professions

Exposure to new professions is one of the most important benefits of Take Your Child to Work Day. By introducing children to a wide range of potential career paths, it helps them to identify and pursue their passions, while also broadening their horizons and introducing them to different ways of thinking. This can include a tour of the workplace, meeting with professionals, and discussing how they reached their current position.

Inspiration and career exploration

By allowing kids to discover what their parents do and learn about new professions, it encourages them to develop their own interests and goals for the future. This could be through researching job opportunities, attending talks, or engaging in activities related to particular industries. Take time to introduce your child to your colleagues, bosses, and other members of the team. This will help them make meaningful connections and gain valuable insight into what goes on in the workplace.

Strengthen Family Relationships

Improved relationships between parents and children can be another benefit of Take Your Child to Work Day. By spending quality time together, children can become more familiar with the work that their parents do, while parents can learn more about their child's dreams and interests. This can create an atmosphere of mutual understanding that will help to strengthen the bond between family members.

Promotes Gender Equality

Take Your Child to Work Day also promotes gender equality. By exposing children to both female and male role models, it can help to dispel outdated stereotypes and create a culture where everyone is respected and appreciated equally. This could involve speaking with a female engineer, visiting a female-run business or learning about the contributions of influential women throughout history.

How to Make the Most of This Experience

Take Your Child to Work Day can be a fun and rewarding experience for both parents and children. It's an opportunity to introduce them to different professions, gain inspiration and make lasting memories! To ensure your child gets the most out of the day, here are some tips to consider.

  1. Prepare: Talk to your child ahead of time to discuss what they'll be doing during the day. Prepare them for any tasks that may be asked of them and provide them with a list of questions to ask their colleagues. This will help them to feel more confident and engaged.
  2.  Discuss Expectations: Set realistic expectations for both you and your child. Explain the office rules, etiquette, and boundaries and remind them that this is not a vacation day.
  3. Focus on Learning: Help your child identify areas where they could learn more. Ask them to observe the operations of the business and to focus on honing new skills or understanding different job roles within the organization.
  4. Have Fun: While it's important to remain professional, there should also be time for fun! Take breaks throughout the day and give your child the opportunity to explore their interests. For example, if they're interested in coding, they may get a chance to practice with a colleague or mentor. 
    Take Your Child to Work Day is a great way for kids to gain insight into potential career paths and learn valuable skills. By following these tips, you can help make the most of this experience for your child.

How to Participate in Take Your Child to Work Day

The Do's:

  • Discuss Realistic Expectations – Explain to your child what he or she should expect during the day, as well as set realistic expectations for what they may be able to accomplish in one day. For example, explain that your child won't be able to solve complex equations or build a bridge in one day
  • Take Breaks – While it is important for your child to observe the workplace, it is also important for them to take breaks throughout the day. Make sure your child has opportunities to take a break and move around, otherwise, they may become overwhelmed by the amount of information being presented to them.
  • Discuss Professionalism - Explain to your child what it means to be professional in the workplace and give an example. For example, explain that it is important to dress nicely, speak politely, and be on time when going to work.
  • Demonstrate Teamwork - Show your child what it looks like to work with others in a team setting and how everyone can contribute their own unique skills. This will help them understand how working together can result in better outcomes.
  • Have Fun – Above all else, make sure that you and your child are having a good time! After all, this is meant to be a learning experience for your child, so make sure that it is a positive one.

The Don't's:

  • Don't Overwhelm Your Child – Keep the day simple and organized, especially for younger children. It may be a good idea to plan for some downtime so they can recharge and rest. Make sure your schedule for the day includes breaks for lunch and possibly even a nap for younger children. This will help your child stay energized and engaged throughout the day.
  • Don't Forget Safety – Make sure your workplace is safe for children. Double-check to make sure there are no areas that are off limits and provide proper supervision.
  •  Don't Discourage Questions – Encourage your child to ask questions. Not only will this help them better understand what you do at work, but it will also help them develop critical thinking skills.
  • Don't Forget the Basics - Don't forget to pack snacks, lunch, and anything else your child may need while they're spending the day with you at work. It can be easy to get so caught up in the experience that you forget the basics, but this is an essential part of making sure your child is comfortable and prepared.
  • Don't Overlook Schoolwork. Just because your child is spending the day with you at work doesn't mean they can neglect their school assignments and fall behind. Make sure they set aside some time during the day to catch up on their studies if necessary. Many schools have rules and regulations when it comes to these types of events, so make sure you're communicating with the school so that everyone is on the same page.

Take Your Child to Work Day is an important opportunity for children to gain insight into their parents' jobs and explore new professions. By understanding the history of this day, knowing its benefits, and following tips for parents on how to make the most out of this experience, both parents and children can have a positive and educational experience.

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