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The Joys of Grandparenting

Remember those feelings you had when you first became a mom? They all come rushing back the moment you welcome your new grandbaby into this world.

Like motherhood, grandmotherhood is filled with emotions. You’re delighted for your child, and some feelings may come rushing back — like remembering times when you felt you weren’t giving enough as a mother.

The most significant gift you can provide your child as they enter into parenthood is the gift of patience (something that didn’t always come easy as we raised our children). Aside from patience, here are a few ways your life will change and how you can welcome those changes with open arms.

How Life Changes When You Become a Grandmother

Your image of becoming a grandmother may be all hugs and cuddles (which is partly true). But, like parenting, grandparenting has its ups and downs. Here are some of our best tips when you prepare for this new life role.

You’re not in charge anymore.

Though you have your way of doing things, it’s time to step back and let your kids take charge. Your child is now the parent, which means your rules may not apply. Though it’s tempting to keep the baby up past bedtime or let the little one have an extra cookie or two — you’ll need to respect the boundaries and rules set by your child.

Additionally, your conventional wisdom may no longer apply to raising a modern child. Stay current on today’s best parenting practices, especially if they’re lifesaving. Knowing how to install a car seat properly and which position is best for a sleeping baby are both crucial for your grandchild’s safety. It’s always good to talk with friends who have grandchildren when you need support.

You’ll need to keep up with your health and fitness

Grandchildren demand your energy. Start a consistent fitness routine to help your body keep up with the little ones. It’s also important to eat whole foods and get plenty of sleep. The better you care for your body, the longer you will be able to hop, skip, and jump with those little balls of energy.

Surprisingly, your pelvic floor health is also vital when it comes to playing with your grandkids. All the laughter, running, and climbing can lead to urinary leakage. Practice exercises to improve your pelvic floor strength, posture care, and exercises to support your body during play. Maintaining good pelvic floor care can help you enjoy the time you spend with your grandkids, rather than worrying.

You’ll want to set your boundaries

Though you’ll be tempted to spend as much time as possible with your grandbabies, it’s essential to set boundaries and set them early. Decide how often and when you will provide childcare. Also, talk with your kids about what events you plan to attend and how often you plan to visit — especially if it requires extensive travel. Also, be clear when your kids can stop by, at what times they can call or text, and what requests are off-limits.

Like parenting, you can never fully prepare for all the joy and surprises that come with grandparenting. Having clear and open communication with your kids will set you up for success and help you adjust and adapt as you welcome your new little bundles.

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