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5 Futuristic (and Non-Invasive) Beauty Fixes (DuJour)

From the “Birkin Bag of fillers” to neck lifts that actually work, the non-invasive future of beauty is here

The Fifth Avenue Butt Lift

Forget the Brazillian Butt Lift, which requires surgical fat transfer and patients to have enough fat to sculpt. Celebrity dermatologist and founder of PFRANKMD™ Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank has devised a non-surgical alternative called the Fifth Avenue Butt Lift, which uses a unique concoction of semi-permanent, bio-stimulating fillers like Radiesse and Sculptura to enhance curves, reduce cellulite and give you the butt of your youth—or the one you never had. “2018 is about pushing the limits,” says Dr. Frank. “In two to five visits, we’re able to inject 20 to 100 vials of fillers into the butt – more filler than we’ve ever been able to use safely before. With occasional touch ups, the [results] can last a few years.”

While not everyone wants a Kardashian backside, society is embracing a curvier, more inclusive ideal. Still, there’s a reason that Dr. Frank named this butt lift “Fifth Avenue,” after New York’s most expensive real estate. The procedure can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $50,000. “It’s something of a status symbol,” Dr. Frank says with a laugh. “I call it the ‘Birkin bag’ of fillers.”

The Year of the V

Surgical tightening procedures and vaginal steaming, make way for the vFit, a new handheld product that uses heat and sonic vibration to improve sensation (patent-pending). But for something more medical-grade, Beauty in the Bag editor Wendy Lewis recommends the BTL EMSell, an FDA-approved chair designed to treat the one out of four women over the age of 35 with incontinence. Using high intensity electromagnetic fields similar to an MRI, the device can build up as much muscle strength in one 25-minute session as doing 11,200 Kegel exercises.”Vaginas are taking center stage,” declares Lewis.

Over the Counter “Miracles”

For anyone who’s ever wished for Botox-strength, over-the-counter beauty solutions, the future is now. While he has a medical license, Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Robert Anolik doesn’t need one to recommend NuvesseMD, an OTC product that he says uses wound-healing therapies to deliver deeper and faster results to his patients. (Dr. Anolik has no professional connection to the company.)

No-Needle Botox

Meanwhile, Allergan, which brought us Botox, is working on formulas that can be topically applied. But if and when a needle-free Botox comes to market, don’t try skipping out on the doctor’s office. “Where you place the cream will be just as important as where you place the needle. This isn’t a product you’re going to be buying at Sephora,” Dr. Anolik says.

I Don’t Feel Bad About My Neck

Nora Ephron’s bestselling book I Hate My Neck might have had a different title if she’d had FaceTite, a minimally invasive device targeting saggy skin by combining fat melting and skin tightening technologies into one. “It’s not enough dissolve fat pads; you have to be able to tighten the skin as well, and that’s the difference between FaceTite and other devices,” says celebrated plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Kolker. The company claims that FaceTite patients — and its love handle-busting spinoff BodyTite—see an over forty percent improvement in skin laxity. With no stitches and little down time, the $6,000 procedure can last up to five years—and think of all the money you’ll save on turtleneck sweaters.

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