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A female medical professional in red scrubs is measuring the pulse of an older female patient. The patient is wearing a red dress and sitting across from the medical professional.

The Gender Health Gap: Why Your Body Should Matter in Medicine

On June 10, 1993, Congress passed the NIH Revitalization Act to establish guidelines for including women and people of color in clinical research. Until 30 years ago, women of childbearing potential were excluded from the early phases of many clinical trials. Researchers largely avoided the hormone cycle of the female body altogether,...

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Man and woman sit next to each other on yoga mats, in a yoga studio. The man, with grey hair and a tan shirt, sits facing away, and the woman sits facing towards the man. The two are engaged in conversation and the woman is smiling.

How Exercise Improves Your Sex Life

Regular exercise boasts tons of advantages beyond looking good. From stress management to lowering the risk of heart disease — the benefits are too long to list. However, one big benefit happens between the sheets, and we want to shine a big spotlight on how it can help improve your...

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Debunk Aging Myths: Age How You Want To | Joylux

Debunk Aging Myths: Age How You Want To

Aging is a fact of life for all humans, but women seem to get more scrutinized over the process. Advertisements, magazine articles, talk shows, and social media bombard us with ways to reverse, defy, and stop signs of aging. Women begin fillers and botox in their 20’s now, and sunscreen...

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Red-headed woman with ponytail and black athletic clothing holds her arms up, grabbing a weight machine and pulling down, with muscles flexed.

Choosing The Best Exercise During Menopause

It’s easy to lose motivation to move during menopause. Symptoms like hot flashes, insomnia, fatigue, and mood changes can leave you feeling drained and uncomfortable. Staying active & finding menopause solutions can make this transition easier by relieving or lessening symptoms.  Whether you’ve always been active or want to embark...

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Circular marble board with a reed diffuser, blue patterned hexagon decor piece on it, and small flowers rest behind.

9 Gifts to Purchase for Menopausal Women

As the influential women in your life get older, you find yourself wanting to buy them meaningful gifts. For the women in your life who are approaching menopause — or they’ve gone through it — this holiday season is the perfect time to get practical gifts they will use every...

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7 Reasons Your Sex Drive is Zapped | Joylux

7 Reasons Your Sex Drive is Zapped

If you feel sexual desire or enjoyment has gone to the wayside, it’s time to check in with your mind and body. Though it’s not uncommon for your libido to change from time to time, this loss of interest may be linked to something else going on. It’s time to...

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