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Perimenopause Period Care: Saalt - Joylux

Perimenopause Period Care: Saalt

Use discount code JOYLUX to save 15% off your next purchase at Saalt. We care about every stage of your leaking life. From first periods to postpartum, bladder leaks to discharge - it is important to discuss all stages of life, which is why we are happy to talk about...

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Why We Need to Add Protein Powder to the Pause - Joylux

Why We Need to Add Protein Powder to the Pause

Joylux is proud to share this blog from our friends at XO Jacqui. We believe in supporting other women and are happy to introduce you to this women-owned startup dedicated to healthy aging with a protein powder that supports the unique needs we as women have. Our bodies really shift...

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Comfycore: An Aesthetic Trend Tailor-Made for Midlife - Joylux

Comfycore: An Aesthetic Trend Tailor-Made for Midlife

We have paired up with one of our favorite designers to share some ideas for brightening up your wardrobe. To help keep you warm and stylish, we are sharing this season's popular trend, Comfycore.

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Menopause and Skincare: <br>6 Must‑Have Products - Joylux

Menopause and Skincare:
6 Must‑Have Products

Our bodies go through many changes in perimenopause and menopause. From brain fog to hot flashes, most women will feel menopause’s uncomfortable effects in one way or another. Among these changes, some of the most noticeable and universal signs of aging happen to our skin. THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF YOUTHFUL...

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