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How to Bring Back the Passion | Joylux

How to Bring Back the Passion

When you and your partner met, you likely couldn’t keep your hands off each other. But that passion wanes over time as you take on more mutual responsibilities and balance life changes. Many couples believe lack of sex is part of a long-term partnership. But healthy, loving intimacy can return...

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Intimate Lubricant Options | Joylux

Intimate Lubricant Options

A good intimate lubricant enhances your sexual experience, but there’s often a considerable stigma attached to its use. We’re here to dispel the myths around this essential component for a healthy sex life, and how it can help improve vaginal wellness. Your vagina doesn’t self-lubricate on cue despite what we...

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How health apps support overall wellness | Joylux

How health apps support overall wellness

If you want to track your health, there’s an app for that. Health apps and telemedicine have witnessed tremendous growth over the past several years. Browse your mobile app store, and you’ll find hundreds of apps to track everything going on with your body. Plus, more patients and healthcare providers...

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Hot Flashes - Why They Happen and What to Do | Joylux

Hot Flashes - Why They Happen and What to Do

If you find yourself rushing for the nearest fan to calm a sudden surge of heat, you’re likely experiencing hot flashes. An estimated 75-80% of perimenopausal women experience these sudden rushes of heat. Though it’s common for hot flashes to last up to a year, some women report having them...

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The Joys of Grandparenting | Joylux

The Joys of Grandparenting

Remember those feelings you had when you first became a mom? They all come rushing back the moment you welcome your new grandbaby into this world. Like motherhood, grandmotherhood is filled with emotions. You’re delighted for your child, and some feelings may come rushing back — like remembering times when...

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Women’s Intimate Health: UTIs - Causes & Prevention | Joylux

Women’s Intimate Health: UTIs - Causes & Prevention

We’ve likely all felt it at some point — an intense need to pee followed by a burning sensation. Some women are more prone than others to UTIs, but we can do several things to prevent them. One thing we shouldn’t do is ignore them. An untreated UTI can lead...

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