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A diverse group of women smiling while holding a sign that says “#LetsTalkAboutIt.

Why is it Still Taboo to Talk About Vaginal Health?

Did you know that March is Women's History Month? For centuries women have been quietly driving major breakthroughs in the field of health and medicine. And it hasn't been easy. Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to obtain a medical degree in the US after being voted in by the...

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Colette Courtion, founder and CEO of Joylux, with her son playing outside.

We Need to Talk...About Vaginal Wellness!

In our current era of female empowerment, women are speaking up about a host of issues – including those surrounding pelvic floor and vaginal wellness. On a practical level, pelvic floor issues can be plain old inconvenient, often manifesting as constant interruptions while working out – as well as during...

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A model holding the Joylux vFit device while laying on her bed.

Three Real Ways to Get Closer to Your Partner

Dreading Intimacy? Here are 3 Real Ways to Get Closer to Your Partner. This time of year, relationship advice runs rampant.  But suggestions to "try a new sexual position" or "schedule a date night" won't do much to cure the deeper issues standing between you and your partner. Here are...

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