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The #1 thing to take care of right now - Joylux

The #1 thing to take care of right now

We are hardwired to like predictability. Our brains consume so much energy that it’s easier to have control factors in place. If you feel anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted, or any of the number of feelings we can feel… … I want you to know it’s normal. And you are not alone....

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Hormones and Sexual Desire - Joylux

Hormones and Sexual Desire

Your hormones and your sex drive are intricately linked—and it’s well known that the hormonal fluctuations caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, the menstrual cycle, and menopause can all impact your desire for sex. Your Sex Hormones Your body produces three hormones—chemical messengers—that influence your sex drive. Estrogen is known as the...

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Redefining intimacy as we age - Joylux

Redefining intimacy as we age

It’s a common misconception that as we age, our sexual intimacy fizzles out.  I want to let you in on a little secret… …sexual adventures don’t have to stop because you reach a certain age.  But how you approach sex should be redefined.  We can’t avoid how our bodies change with...

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Mirror, mirror on the floor! - Joylux

Mirror, mirror on the floor!

There are a lot of misconceptions about how female anatomy should look. Especially the vulva.  The vulva is the whole external package of your genital area. And the vagina is a muscular tube that runs from the cervix down to the vulva. Every vulva is different and there’s really no...

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How to have more open conversations - Joylux

How to have more open conversations

We use the word “open” often to describe how we want others to perceive us. Whether it’s our open-door policy for co-workers, an open mind about complex subjects, or an open heart when it comes to love. But it’s important to ask yourself if you truly feel comfortable being open...

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Women We Admire: Arion Long - Joylux

Women We Admire: Arion Long

After health struggles and loss, Femly CEO Arion Long emerged with renewed strength to focus on improving women’s intimate health. Joylux caught up with this fearless founder to discuss the ups and downs of her admirable career.  What first inspired you to create your business? I started my business after...

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